Tear Drop Displays: Custom Flying Banner Displays

To order, please call us at 320-965-9310 or email service@industrialimprints.com 

The Tear Drop Display comes in four different sizes with different base options. You can select a 6-foot tear drop display, an 8-foot tear drop display, an 11.5-foot tear drop display or a 15-foot tear drop display. You can choose from a spike base, 4 leg standard base, 3 leg economy base (For 6' Tear Drop or 7' Razor Flag Indoor Use), or a heavy duty cross foot base.

These displays work great for grand opening, sales, open houses, or just letting people know that you are open! These displays can be used indoors or outdoors to present messages and corporate identities.

Tear Drop Display Sizes, Pricing and Design Templates

Tear Drop Flying Banner Displays   Hardware Only Display Only Spike Base 4 Leg Standard Base 3 Leg Economy Base Heavy Duty Cross Foot Tear Drop Display Templates
6 foot stands $39.00 $56.68 $129.28 $146.08 $120.48 $154.08 20.75"W x 52.25"H Template
8 foot stands $46.80 $99.17 $179.57 $196.37 X $204.37 29.5" W x 66.3" H Template
11.5 foot stands $54.60 $204.75 $292.95 $309.75 X $317.75 38.5 W x 106.2" H Template
15 foot stands $70.20 $366.33 $470.13 $486.93 X $494.93 47" W x 156.1" H Template

All displays are printed using a direct dye sublimation printing process. This means that the ink goes through the fabric rather than sit on top of it. This creates an eye-popping display.

Base Options for Fabric Flags:

3 Leg Economy Base
* 6' Tear Drop of 7' Razor Flags
4 Leg Standard Base Heavy Duty Cross Foot Base Spike Base
  3 Leg Economy Base | Banners.com   4 Leg Standard Base | Banners.com       Heavy Duty Cross Foot Base | Banners.com Spike Base | Banners.com



To order, please call us at 320-965-9310 or email service@industrialimprints.com