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Real Estate Sign Tips | Signline.com

Real Estate Signage Tips from Signline.com

Here are a couple tips for creating an irresistible Real Estate Signage! These tips are important to have on your signage so that all potential buyers are interested and want to hear more about your listing.

  • Always provide your contact info -  If you make it easy for potential buyers to contact you they are more likely to call about questions
  • Use Colors Wisely - Bright, vibrant colors draw attention to your banner, but they can also be overwhelming, so use them sparingly
  • Info about colors:
    • Blues and greens are calming colors
    • Pink, yellow, orange and red are motivating and enticing colors
      • Red is a good choice for outdoor real estate intended for commercial use
  • Let People know what Type of Property you are Selling
  • Some properties can be used only for certain industries e.g. "10 Acres of Industrial Property for Sale"
  • Include the square footage available to rent or lease e.g. "2000 sq. ft. of Office Space Available to Lease"

Now that you know a little more about how to create an irresistible sign, choose your material below and get started!

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