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Grommet Kit

The grommet kit is used to repair torn out grommets or insert additional grommets to your banners.

Grommet Kit Includes
• 20 Grommets ( 20 Washers and 20 Grommets )
• 1 Cutting Tool
• 1 Insert Punch
• 1 Setting Die or Base

Grommet Kit
(Min: 1, Max: 10)
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How To Use A Grommet Kit

  1.  Always fold the material, creating a hem. Mark the location for the holes.
  2. Place a wood block under the material. Place the cutting tool over the mark and strike it with a wooden or plastic mallet.
  3. Place the grommet (post up) on the base. Center the hole in the material over the grommet.
  4. Place washer rounded side up over the grommet and material.
  5. Insert the punch into the tube. Tap the punch squarely with a hammer; rotate punch ¼ turn in between strikes until grommet and washer fit tightly to the material.
Grommet Kit Order Diagram - How to use a grommet kit. | Signline.com