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Tripod Banner Display

Get a custom banner and a portable stand for your trade show expo booth, corporate event, or other display. It’s lightweight and portable and comes with an included carrying case. Order your complete kit which includes a custom banner. Or, order replacement banners or order hardware only below. 

Design your custom banner with the help of our graphic designers, use our customizable templates or simply upload your own artwork file.

Great For:
Trade Show Booths Event Signage
Indoor Advertising Signage Displays

Complete Kit

Kit Includes
1 — Tripod Banner Display Hardware

1 — 32" x 72" Full-Color Printed Banner

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Material Options

Standard 13oz Vinyl

Our high-quality 13oz vinyl banner material is the standard material we use for banner stands. It is rated for both indoor and outdoor use.

Premium Stay-Flat 14oz Vinyl

Our 14oz vinyl banner material is a recommended upgrade if you are looking for a professional, yet affordable look. This product produces high-quality prints and has a smooth matte finish.

Banner Soft Fabric

Our Banner Soft Fabric offers a matte-finish with vibrant print colors. The edges of the fabric will be cut with a hot-knife to prevent fraying when rolled in and out of the retractor.

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Product Information

What is a Tripod X Display?

A retractable banner stand is a spring-loaded base, with a banner installed inside. The banner can be pulled directly up from inside the base when you wish to display the artwork. These stands are a great option for advertising your company or service at a trade show or other event.

What materials can my artwork be printed on?

Your artwork is available to be printed on either Standard 13oz Vinyl or Banner Soft Fabric material.

Can I swap different banners on the Tripod Banner Display?

Yes, no matter which material is currently installed, you are able to remove and replace the banners installed on your Tripod Banner Display.

Can I order the Tripod Banner Display hardware separately?

Yes, you are able to order the Tripod Banner Display hardware alone. Please note that this hardware is designed to fit banners at a size of 32" x 72", and no other banner sizes will fit in this stand. To continue ordering, please click here.

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